Refer a Friend

We are on the lookout for doctors to join our Dial-A-Doctor (DaD) family.

Dial-A-Doctor’s valued doctor group has been providing the highest quality home visit medical care to our patients in the after hours period in Perth for many years. We encourage you to refer your doctor friends and colleagues to our service so that we can continue to serve our communities to the highest standards of excellence.

Would your colleagues and friends like to join the DaD family?

The DaD doctor family is diverse and welcoming of doctors across various specialties. GPs, GP Registrars and Hospital Doctors (PGY3+) are all welcome on board. You will be rewarded with an attractive finder’s fee for every new doctor you refer to us.

We are currently seeking referrals for Perth.

If you wish to have further information with regards to the incentives for new referrals or have a doctor friend, family or colleague you would like to put in touch with us, please contact our Recruitment team by calling 1300 030 030 or emailing [email protected] or filling out the Contact Us form below

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Please confirm this message is not in regard to making a new booking or cancelling an existing booking. If you would like to do either, please call us at 1300 030 030

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